Dear Parents

               Based on our school’s vision to encourage analytical and creative thinking that leads to learning for life. Our school mentors students as they grow to become responsible people that value teamwork and respect individually. Partnership between teachers, Parents, And administration give every student the attention they need to develop.


          The school’s wellbeing, counseling team   aims at helping students in overcoming the challenges and problems that face them through different stages of their lives. This, in turn, will help them create a more balanced personality that can cope better with change in life.


           We ask of you not to hesitate in communicating with us with regards to your children’s personal problems or needs and ask for guidance in wellbeing matters.


           Kindly be informed that our means of communication with you will be through Google Classroom on weekly basis by offering psychological and education counseling for children at different ages.

Thank you for your cooperation

                                            Department of Counseling Psychology 


         - Sylvia josef
       - Joy Samir
        - Ihab Emil  


British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.