It is a great pleasure to welcome you to BRS Lower Primary Section.

Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure and challenging environment to grow.  A child’s natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the early years of schooling. British Ramses School recognizes the importance of these early years of schooling.


In Lower Primary, we provide a safe environment in which each child can dare to dream, enjoy learning, achieve excellence and become a lifelong learner. Our educational programs support children's academic, physical, social, emotional and moral development.


We celebrate and cherish values, ethics, excellence and diversity. We challenge ourselves every day to fulfill these aims and moreover, as educators, to teach our students to see the vitality in themselves·      


We foster learning opportunities and activities which appeal to children's multiple intelligences and which help developing in them a diversity of perspectives and skills. Each student is a success story.



We are committed to develop lifelong learners who are equipped with the 5 Cs (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Commitment to Achieve, Creativity) through data-driven and technology-enhanced educational programs to ensure student success in the 21st century.

We are eagerly looking forward to enriching your child’s life.

Kind Regards,


Mrs. Suzy Shehata
Lower Cambridge Primary Principal




Dear parents
I would like to welcome you to the Upper Cambridge Primary section at BRS.

At BRS we believe that the age of upper primary is a very important stage in forming our students personality and self image. 

The upper primary stage cares about supporting and preparing our students  to be able to reach academic excellence. 

we believe our students should have a balanced life. They need to practice different aspects of life, sports, music, art,...... etc.
At BRS we believe that, each student is unique, and we help him /her to explore his /her skills and develop them. .

At BRS, we care about our students' well being, and their main needs. 
We see our students in 10 years, unique young ladies and gentle men, capable of reaching their dreams, disciplined, and having all the needed tools to rock.


Ms. Manal Sabry
Upper Cambridge Primary Principal















British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.