Clinic Policy and Procedures


The BRS Clinic:


1- Assesses the students’ health status and provides primary medical care for all students in need.

2- Provides a system for managing emergencies and urgent situations after assessing students’health.

3- Follows up cases with chronic illness (diabetes, cardiac, asthmatic, etc.), by following a previously prescribed treatment plan, by the students family or specialist doctor.

4- Provides screening and preventive programs and vaccination.


Clinic Home Reports

Upon visiting the clinic for any of the above mentioned listed needs, the school doctor will examine individual cases and provides necessary primary health care treatment if needed.
A report with the cause of your child’s visit to the clinic together with treatment given, after consultation of students’ medical record provided by parents during initial pplication, will be sent with the student home to the parents.


Phone Calls Policy:

The clinic will contact the family only in the following cases:

1- Trauma that needs immediate interference such as stitches or non-stoppable bleeding or appendicitis;

2- Trauma that needs immediate X-ray such bone fractures;

3- Persistent complaint after primary treatment (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea,and\or fever)

4- Infectious cases (e.g. viral diseases like chickenpox, and lice).

The school doctor will directly contact the parents to come and pick their children from school.

N.B: Foundation 1&2

In case the parents of f1\f2 students need any clarification about the cause of injuiry she\he can contact the class teacher.


Phone call and meetings policy:

The clinic will not receive any direct phone calls from parents. The reception will receive all phone calls and they will ask about the cause of the call and will direct the inquiry to the clinic. The clinic will respond in writing, and the reply will be sent to the parents with the student.


Requiring a meeting

The doctor will meet the parents who ask for an appointment only. Parents should mention in their request the reason for the visit, child’s name, class, the date of the particular incident they wish to discuss. The clinic will respond with appointment time on the same day of request.



Please note that the BRS clinic has good policies in place that guarantee best possible primary health care for our children within the limitations of time and space.
Accordingly, if you wish the school to help you in giving your child any medical dose during school day, you are kindly requested to:

● Send only urgent medicines with time schedules to school (e.g. insulin,antibiotics, corticosteroids and or antipyretic etc.)
● Send medicine bottle/packet to the clinic with your child once. (The clinic will keep the medicine till the end of the duration of treatment, and will return it at the end of treatment).
● Indicate, in writing, the dose and time of medication in addition to the duration of treatment as prescribed by your family doctor.
● We encourage giving other treatments that do not necessarily follow astrict hourly schedule at home.


Vaccination policy:

The Ministry of health vaccinations are obligatory. The clinic will send a consent form 10 days before vaccination date. Delayed requests for vaccination- after the deadline mentioned in the consent slip- will not be accepted.
The school clinic is not responsible for any complications, contraindications, and/or any kind of allergy caused by the vaccine.
The school clinic is not authorized to send any recommendations regarding the Ministry’s vaccines unless such precautions or recommendations are previously and officially sent from the Ministry of Health.


Medical Leave from school:

In case the student is recommended to go back home for any medical reason, the clinic will call his parents and give a detailed report for the cause of such recommendation. In this case the school clinic will issue a get-out-pass for the student.


Infectious \contagious diseases:

1- Cause of absence
2- Duration of sick leave
3- Confirmation that the child is not contagious any more

At the end of the sick leave, the student must check in at the school clinic first; accompanied by his parents instead of using the school bus if applicable.



British Ramses School, 2014, is an international school that follows the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE curricula. The school is an affiliate of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile - the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt.