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Latest News

Date: 4/10/2017


Dear IG students,


The British Council & CIE regulations demand that all students who are attending the Oct/Nov. 2017 exam session ask their professors to supply the school, by TuesdayOctober 17, 2017 at the latest, with a forecast of their grades. Professors should do so through the BRS email (


 What is a forecast grade? 

 A forecast grade is the grade a teacher expects a student to achieve for the syllabus. It must be a realistic prediction of what the student is expected to achieve in the examination. It is not intended to be the teacher's assessment of the quality of the student's work during the course, or of the effort that the student has made.


Why a forecast grade?

  • To inform decisions about syllabus grade thresholds.
  • To help make a post-exam adjustment to a candidate’s mark in case you apply for special consideration, 
  • To make allowances for any adverse circumstances, for example, illness, bereavement or temporary injury.
  • To carry out checks before release of results.
  •  If you do not submit forecast grades you will not enable the board to apply these processes, and thus, might disadvantage you.”


Wishing you all the best of luck!



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