Exam and External Subjects Receipts


To:        Students sitting for November 2019 Exam session


  • Exam receipts for both Internal and External subjects will be ready starting July 23, 2019.
  • Receipts for subjects signed up for externally (15% administrative fees) will also be available with the exam fees receipts.
  • Subjects fees:
  •         O.L  Subjects     9,920 EGP
  •         O.L  IT             10,688 EPG
  •         AS Subject       12,160  EGP
  •         A2 Subject       12,160  EGP
  •         AS Practical     14,080 EGP

  • You can receive your Exam & Subject fees receipts at our finance office (starting 24/7/l2019) or send us an email on brs@gse-schools.com and we will send you the receipt. Please include student name and subject(s) details in your message.
  • Attached herewith is the Price List for Pearson and Cambridge exams – Oct/Nov 2019
  • Deadline for payment at the bank is  Sunday August 4, 2019.
  • Exam registration will not be processed for unpaid candidates past the deadline (August 4, 2019).


CIE Price List Oct-Nov2019


Pearson Price List Oct 2019







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