October/ November 2018: Information and Communication Technology Practical Exams- Feedback
As received from the British council

Dear School Leader,

We hope the Information and Communication Technology Practical Exam 0417/02 went well with your students. As a part of our quality assurance process, we would like to hear from your students the experience of this practical exam. Their feedback will be incorporated in our processes to enhance our services in the future. Please find below the links for surveys to be shared with your students.


I would appreciate if you or your students complete these surveys by 31st October 2018.


Please note that the 1st link is now open for candidates for feedback collection and the 2nd link will be opened on 17th October 2018 and will be closed on 31st October 2018.



  • 10th October 2018 (0417/02) Link 


  • 17th October 2018 (0417/03): Link


Your response is highly appreciated .






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